Snowboarding can mean as the act of sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard. Playing snowboarding is a fun activity, and also a sport that can boost your adrenaline.

before you can actually play snowboarding, you need to determine the foot holder on your snowboard. The bindings should be one of the Best Snowboard Bindings so that you will be able to play comfortably. There are two types of the holder on the snowboard, namely, strap bindings and speed entry bindings.


The strap or strap bindings stand is the most used holder on the snowboard. This standard stand has two straps that are used to tie your legs.

The entry speeds or speed entry or convenience entry bindings almost look the same as the strap holder, except on the heel there is a hinge which can also be called as highback that allows your feet to shift quickly. This stand is usually more expensive than a regular stand.
There are other types of stands, but very few use them and are usually found on snowboards that cost very much.

Some boards have a certain binding arrangement to place bindings on the board. Generally, most bindings can be used on different boards, but there are some types that can only be used on certain boards. There are four types of binding patterns, namely: 2×4 disc pattern, 4×4 disc pattern, 3D pattern (Burton) and channel system (Burton).

The 2×4 disc pattern has two rows of holes that each line has a 4 cm pause. The hole in each line has a pause of 2 cm. These holes can be used by different types of bindings.

The 4×4 disc pattern has two rows of holes in which each line has a 4cm pause and each hole has a 4 cm pause.

The 3D pattern has a diamond-like hole that can be used by most bindings but has limited attitude options. This pattern is common on Burton boards.

Channel system is a rail that allows the foot of the skater to be in a position very close to the board and can feel more the board. This system is common on Burton boards and is best used in conjunction with Burton EST bindings. This binding has a wide selection of attitudes. You can buy special plates to use bindings not made by Burton on a board that uses a channel system.

Bindings should not worsen as quickly as other parts of the board. You can measure their condition with the fast manual inspection. You will be able to easily tell if bindings are past their use by date.